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AI Home Invasion

AI Home Invasion

Almost everyone with a smartphone is familiar with some of the capabilities of voice activated artificial intelligence, Siri from Apple Inc. may be the most well-known, Google Now from the search giant, and Cortana from Microsoft. But, anyone who’s used a device like Amazon’s Echo knows that the experience is compelling. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. The rapid rise of artificial intelligence systems such as Alexa, and Google Now to be used in virtual assistant like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, shows their growing importance for helping people in their everyday lives.

All that makes life just that little bit more pleasant. What was science fiction a few years back is now a reality. That also means we begin to interact with artificial Intelligence (AI) as if it were a person rather than a device.  Today, we can ask AI powered virtual assistants to perform simple tasks like, “What’s the weather”, “Remind me to take pills in the morning”, “Recite a shopping list and have the items delivered to your door” in natural language.  The future will be task automation such as “turn on the air conditioner whenever the temperature rises above 76 degrees fahrenheit”, or “if there is motion on the security camera after 10pm, call Bob”.

All this tremendous potential is possible with “Deep Learning” technology. A few of the things that makes us human is the ability to evolve, and to adapt; the capacity to react to the unknown. “Deep learning” where machines can participate in complex discussions by picking responses from a large database, adapt on its own and solve problems for which it has not been prepared. In other words, unsupervised learning, a machine capable of writing its own solution to carry out a potentially infinite number of actions.

We are truly living in the Science Fiction era.

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