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Secure your digital information

Once your device is missing, your digital information is susceptible to scrutiny. The first line of defense is to secure the mobile device itself. Common sense, play it safe, mobile devices are small and lightweight, easy to carry, but also easy to misplace and lose. Have a strong security code that is easy to remember, but hard to guess. Use your device's auto-lock feature, I recommend you set your auto-lock to take effect immediately from the last activity. Don't share…

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My Digital Travel Companion

I discover the perfect travel companion and it doesn’t require an extra plane ticket or hotel room of its own.  I am amazed how with the appropriate app, my mobile device became  indispensable during my last trip. Scheduling and Planning: My flight to Chicago was scheduled for departing at 2:05 PM.  At 12:00 PM I was still at the office finishing an online meeting.  I launched my American Airlines app,  checked in, received, downloaded, and saved my digital boarding pass. …

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AI Home Invasion

Almost everyone with a smartphone is familiar with some of the capabilities of voice activated artificial intelligence, Siri from Apple Inc. may be the most well-known, Google Now from the search giant, and Cortana from Microsoft. But, anyone who’s used a device like Amazon’s Echo knows that the experience is compelling. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. The rapid rise of artificial intelligence systems such as Alexa, and Google Now to be used in virtual assistant like the…

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