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Destination Mars – The Human Spirit

Destination Mars – The Human Spirit

“Humanity could have an outpost on Mars just a decade from now”.  Elon Musk

Mars has long been the subject of human interest.  In ancient times, it was known as the “God of War” for the Romans.  The month of March is named after Mars.  The Martian, a book about how a stranded Astronaut on Mars uses his wits and spirits to survive, was turned into a movie in 2015, became a huge hit at the box office.  Do you recall?

This week NASA Mars 2020 mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral, FL with Perseverance, and Ingenuity: the robotic rover and helicopter of the spacecraft; as the centerpiece of the mission.  What is even more remarkable is that the United Arab Emirates and China also sent spaceships to Mars.  All are scheduled to mars in February 2021.

“I vividly remember July 4th, 1997 when the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft arrived on the surface of Mars.  I was attached to the TV as I listened to the anchor explained the nail biting minutes of the spacecraft landing.  He talked about the complexity of the space craft descending through the Martian atmosphere, then being able to be slowed by a set of consecutive maneuvers: parachutes, heat shield, and rockets.  And then how its impact on the surface was softened by a giant system of air bags, on which it bounced to rest”.

We are going back to Mars, and it is absolutely awesome!!!

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