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My Digital Travel Companion

My Digital Travel Companion

I discover the perfect travel companion and it doesn’t require an extra plane ticket or hotel room of its own.  I am amazed how with the appropriate app, my mobile device became  indispensable during my last trip.

Scheduling and Planning:

My flight to Chicago was scheduled for departing at 2:05 PM.  At 12:00 PM I was still at the office finishing an online meeting.  I launched my American Airlines app,  checked in, received, downloaded, and saved my digital boarding pass.  Once I arrived at the airport, I bypassed the ticketing agent line and ticket printing kiosk, and went straight to the departure security gate.   When I reached the TSA agent, I unlocked my mobile device, and scanned my digital boarding pass.  I made it to my gate with ample time to relax before the flight takes off.

Mobile device adoption is skyrocketing, and is fundamentally changing the way we plan, the way we get travel advice.  I used the tripadvisor app to find information about different restaurants, museums, and movie theaters.  I am able to see reviews from other people, menus for restaurants.  There are a variety of other traveling apps available for planning such as yelp, priceline, and hotwire.

Staying in touch with family, friends and work:

The technology has fully permeated my life.  Apps such as gmail, messenger, facebook, instagram, facetime, help me stay in communications with work, friends and family.   Work is not something I do at a certain time, work can be anytime anywhere.  Gmail allowed me to check and replied immediately to important emails, as well as monitored alerts from systems I am responsible for.  I used the Whatsapp texting app as a way to check in and to simply touch base with friends and family.  I like to wind down with facetime with my daughter.

Before you start packing your vacation bags to start maxing and relaxing – make sure that you have some of your favorite apps on your Android, Apple, or Windows mobile device for the trip.   From planning and navigating, to itinerary creation to hotel and restaurant reservations, Mobile devices and their apps offer a number of ways to help enjoy your time away from home.

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